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Wetland Assessments: Selecting the Right Expert

How Do You Find a Wetland Assessments Expert?

Wetlands are an important part of the natural environment. They protect us from a variety of threats, reduce the impact of floods, improve the quality of the water and absorb pollutants. What’s more, they provide an important habitat for fish, wildlife and rare types of plants. Understanding more about wetlands, and how to protect them, allows people to safeguard against potential damage in the future.

Many people first encounter the need to have their wetlands assessed by a qualified professional in the preliminary planning phase of their building project, in order to sketch out possibilities that minimize or avoid impacts to the wetlands. Often the client is required by the local permitting authority to submit a wetland assessment as part of the review process, along with an environmental impact report. It’s at any of these points that you may discover the need for a wetland assessment. However, you might wonder what’s involved, and how to select the right expert.

Wetland Assessment: The Basics

A wetland assessment evaluates the environmental quality of a wetland.

When seeking an expert to assist with a wetland assessment, it’s important to select a professional who is firmly grounded in the latest science and is also current with the rapidly changing wetland laws and regulations. Rules change quickly, and having someone who is experienced in this area allows the project to flow more smoothly.

The expert should be well-versed in the technical aspects of wetland science, as well as familiarity with wetland regulations and local legal requirements. Look for someone who offers a variety of services, including:


By selecting a professional with a deep understanding of all aspects of wetlands, you can not only safeguard any wetlands present on the property, but also work towards achieving your desired project goals.

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About the Author
Steven Danzer has over twenty years’ experience in the fields of Wetland and Soil Science, Ecology, and Natural Resource Evaluation. He has always been intrigued by the simple but also perplexing question about whether the landscape before him is healthy or not. This question has propelled him throughout a professional career which has spanned the deserts and mountains of Arizona and the American Southwest to the rocky hills, wetlands, and coastal plains of the East Coast and New England. Contact him at Danzer@ctwetlandsconsulting.com.