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Wetland Permit Application: Making the Process Smoother

The Wetland Permit Application Process

Are you getting ready to complete a wetland permit application in the near future? If so, you might be wondering about the resources available and whether you should complete the application yourself or seek outside assistance. Even if you’ve completed this kind of application the past, a wetland consultant is a valuable resource, as he or she is familiar with local, state and federal laws and has in-depth experience with the permitting process.

In addition, under state and local laws a soil scientist is the only person who can determine the precise boundary of a wetland on a property. And in many cases, you will need to provide supporting documentation along with the application. But what exactly can you expect during the permitting process, and when does it make sense to seek assistance?

Application Materials and What to Expect

Every situation is different, but there are likely many items that should accompany your application. For example, you may be asked to submit:

Site plans. These may include a location map, location of wetlands, specifications of the proposed projects, erosion control plans, restoration plans, and other important details.

Additional supporting documentation. You may need to include a narrative and an environmental impact report, and of course, a soils report certifying that the wetland boundaries have been professionally located by a soil scientist.

This information needs to be organized properly and efficiently (usually in packet form) to make it easy for the wetland commissioners to understand your project.

Skilled wetland consultants have years of experience working in their favor. They have filled out many of these applications before, know what to expect and can anticipate challenges before they occur.

They can not only help you interpret the package itself, but also look for small details or requirements that may otherwise be missed. This is especially helpful when your building project is time-sensitive and you don’t have time to waste on errors in the initial application process.

If you need assistance with wetlands consulting and the permitting process, we can help. For more information, call us at 203-451-8319, contact us online or email us at danzer@ctwetlandsconsulting.com.

About the Author
Steven Danzer has over twenty years’ experience in the fields of Wetland and Soil Science, Ecology, and Natural Resource Evaluation. He has always been intrigued by the simple but also perplexing question about whether the landscape before him is healthy or not. This question has propelled him throughout a professional career which has spanned the deserts and mountains of Arizona and the American Southwest to the rocky hills, wetlands, and coastal plains of the East Coast and New England. Contact him at Danzer@ctwetlandsconsulting.com.