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Experts in Wetlands, Soil Science, and Environmental Studies

Our aim at Steven Danzer Ph.D. & Associates is to provide you with professional wetland and environmental consulting services that are firmly grounded in the latest science, while keeping abreast of rapidly changing wetland law and regulations.

Our firm is unique within our industry in that all of our professional staff have advanced degrees or credentials, and are considered experts within their respective fields.

This makes the process as seamless and cost effective as possible, and allows us to seek creative solutions for our clients.

We work with a variety of landowner circumstances, ranging from simple wetland delineations on small properties to environmental impact evaluations on large, complex, and controversial sites.

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    Wetlands, Soil Science, and Environmental Studies

    We offer a variety of services, including:

    Wetland Assessment

    Evaluate the quality of a wetland area by determining the wetland’s functions and values.

    Impact Analysis

    Determine a project’s potential impact on a wetland or watercourse area.

    Expert Testimony

    Get access to the scientific knowledge and expert analysis needed to testify before wetland commissions and wetland agencies, other town bodies, public hearings and courts.

    Municipal Reviews

    Expert wetland reviews provided for municipalities or wetland commissions and wetland agencies.

    Ecological Evaluations

    Examination of undeveloped natural areas (uplands and wetlands) to identify important environmental features, issues and strategies to keep the natural landscape healthy.

    Wetland Permit Preparation

    Assistance with wetland permit application forms.

    Wetland Soil Testing

    Determine the legal boundary of a wetland area.

    Restoration and Planting Plans

    Preparation of professionally certified plans to restore disturbed or filled wetlands, and other landscapes.
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