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What is an Impact Analysis?

Why an Impact Analysis Is Critical to Your Next Building or Improvement Project

Are you planning a new building, construction, or improvement project? If so, you’re in good company — thousands of permit applications are filed each year in the state of Connecticut. In fact, 5,329 housing unit building permits were issued in the state during 2014 alone, and the number of new projects isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

As with any new construction project, there are many steps involved during the building process — from securing permits and licenses, to coordinating job-site storage. And along with these numerous steps comes a variety of potential pitfalls, including permit challenges due to a wetlands or watercourse in the area.

With the proper assistance, you can navigate this process more easily, so you can move forward with fewer challenges.

Understanding Impact Analysis and Knowing the Regulations

All towns and cities in the Connecticut area have local wetland regulations, which are modeled closely after the state regulations. For the most part, these regulations require that you know the distance between the wetland area and the proposed site of the building or improvement project.

Furthermore, you need to know where the wetland starts and ends, along with any potential impacts to the surrounding area.

Determining the possible impact through a professional impact analysis will answer the important questions required to obtain a permit, such as:

  • What is the quality of the wetlands?
  • Will my project have an impact on the wetlands?
  • If so, what are the types of impacts and potential size?
  • What can we do to avoid or minimize these impacts?


A professional wetland scientist or a soil scientist are the professionals who can help you answer these important questions; he or she can also present the information during the permitting process. Our staff scientists are dual credentialed as both soil scientists and wetland scientists. Using a professional wetland or soil scientist for this process will ensure that the results are reliable and accurate, saving you valuable time and money later in the process.

Are you planning a new building, construction, or improvement project that has prompted questions about an impact analysis? If so, we can help. For more information, call us at 203-451-8319, contact us online or email us at danzer@ctwetlandsconsulting.com.

About the Author
Steven Danzer has over twenty years’ experience in the fields of Wetland and Soil Science, Ecology, and Natural Resource Evaluation. He has always been intrigued by the simple but also perplexing question about whether the landscape before him is healthy or not. This question has propelled him throughout a professional career which has spanned the deserts and mountains of Arizona and the American Southwest to the rocky hills, wetlands, and coastal plains of the East Coast and New England. Contact him at Danzer@ctwetlandsconsulting.com.