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Expert Testimony: What to Look for in an Expert

The Impact of Expert Testimony If you’re working on a project where the impact to the wetlands is under question, hiring a wetlands expert to provide expert testimony is a valuable asset because determining what constitutes an adverse impact to a wetland is a technically complex...
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What is an Impact Analysis?

Why an Impact Analysis Is Critical to Your Next Building or Improvement Project Are you planning a new building, construction, or improvement project? If so, you’re in good company — thousands of permit applications are filed each year in the state of Connecticut. In fact, 5,329...
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What’s Involved in Wetland Soil Testing?

Planning a new building project is exciting, whether it’s for an existing property or a parcel of land that you just purchased. However, regardless of the situation, many people think that the town map is enough when determining if a wetland exists and its boundaries. But once...
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Why the Town Wetlands Map Isn’t Good Enough

The existence of wetlands on a property is something that many owners don’t think much about. In fact, the issue might not even cross their minds until they decide to build on the property and visit the town hall to apply for building permits. It soon becomes a topic of...
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