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Wetland Myths Debunked

When thinking of wetlands, you may visualize a marsh, swamp or otherwise soggy property — but this isn’t always the case. An otherwise beautiful and scenic property may have wetlands present, but if you don’t know what to look for, it’s difficult to uncover. Wetlands are...
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Common Wetland Mistakes

5 Common Wetland Mistakes … And How to Avoid Them Real estate agents are charged with the task of helping buyers find the right property. First, they must find a parcel that not only fits all the purchaser’s needs, but also one they will continue to enjoy for years to come,...
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Finding and Assessing Wetlands: Why Realtors Need an Expert

When purchasing a property, buyers often have many plans for their new parcel of land. For example, not too long ago a buyer worked with a real estate agent to locate a large, parklike property, where he planned to build a home, horse barn and shop. The location was spacious and...
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