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Commercial Real Estate Developers Need a Soil Scientist

5 Reasons Why Commercial Real Estate Developers Need a Soil Scientist

As a real estate developer, you manage many details – from the purchase and financing of a property to all other requirements that bring a project from concept to completion. But when you are considering purchasing a new property, often the issue of wetlands comes up. Are wetlands present, and if so, what is the impact?

With some properties, the presence of wetlands is obvious. But even in these cases, with so many resources on the line, it’s critical to work with an expert.

Here are five reasons commercial real estate developers need a soil scientist.

  1. A quick, accurate understanding of details before the purchase. A soil scientist can assist with a pre-purchase assessment of land and conduct feasibility consultations to identify any potential wetland-related challenges that could adversely affect your development plans.
  2. Expert advice on regulatory requirements. All towns and cities in the state of Connecticut have regulations that require an understanding of the distance between the wetland and the proposed building site. A soil scientist can assist with understanding these details with greater accuracy.
  3. Detailed view of project impacts. Before building, you must understand any potential impacts related to the presence of a wetland and the size of the impacted area. An expert can recommend strategies and actions to avoid potential impacts on wetlands from your building project.
  4. Required documentation for your permit application. Your town may have specific wetland requirements for granting a permit. If this is the case, an experienced consultant is valuable in helping to accurately answer questions about the presence or absence of wetlands on the property.
  5. Help securing the required permits. Navigating wetland rules and regulations is complex. A soil scientist is an expert at understanding these strict regulations and codes, and can assist you with the actions necessary to secure the required permits to start your development project.


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About the Author
Steven Danzer has over twenty years’ experience in the fields of Wetland and Soil Science, Ecology, and Natural Resource Evaluation. He has always been intrigued by the simple but also perplexing question about whether the landscape before him is healthy or not. This question has propelled him throughout a professional career which has spanned the deserts and mountains of Arizona and the American Southwest to the rocky hills, wetlands, and coastal plains of the East Coast and New England. Contact him at Danzer@ctwetlandsconsulting.com.